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Selecting the right wine is an individual taste and can sometimes be challenging. The 3 most talked about wine traits are oak, body, and sweetness. While some wines can be light and fruity and are meant to be consumed young, others are heavy, lots of oak and tannins and take time to “come around”. This is a term called esterfication. It is the alcohol mixed in with all the unique ingredients that take time to soften up. Otherwise known as ageing. Whites are generally consumed sooner than reds but reds usually have a longer shelf life.

We can help you choose when you come in to start a batch..




Once you have chosen your wine, the fun begins! You will combine your grape juice and additives (oak chips, oak flakes, raisins, elderberries, etc.) into a clean, sanitized bucket. The last thing you do is add dry yeast before you put the lid on. You will then leave it with us to ferment for 2 weeks. The whole process will take less than 5 minutes of your time.
After fermenting for 2 weeks, your wine will be ready for a process called racking. In this process we test your wine for alcohol concentration and use some additives to clear the wine and prepare it for filtering. The wine is then transferred to a sanitized, large glass container called a carboy. Depending on the type of wine you have chosen, the wine will sit in the carboy for 2, 4 or 6 weeks to continue the fermentation process.
One of our qualified staff members will filter your wine. It is now ready for you to come in and bottle. You will make the bottling appointment when you first start your batch or phone us closer to the ready date (we will provide for you).
With our expert assistance, you will bottle, cork and cap your wine. You can either bring in your own bottles or purchase them from us at around $1 each. Some kits include labels. For those that don’t, we have many different styles to choose from that will give your wine a professional touch. We also have custom label kits for your personal style, preference or special occasion.

You and your wine go home for what we hope will be a wonderful, meaningful experience. Most wines need to age before they are truly at their peak. Our qualified staff will be able to provide advice about aging times, depending on the wine you have chosen. We know that you will be proud to serve your wine with any roast beef, fish or even the backyard BBQ burger!

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